What (or who?) is “Fiery Fingers”?

Fiery Fingers is an eclectic business created, owned, and operated since 2002 by Annie Starwasz (also called “Fiery Fingers” herself). Annie is a holistic healer, professional flameworker, and performing artist. She is certified in massage therapy, herbalism, crystology (gemstone therapy), aromatherapy, and is a Reiki master and Kundalini yoga teacher. Annie has a bachelor’s degree in human services / psychology (with a minor in art), and formal education in other healing modalities such as hypnotherapy and polarity. She is a lifelong athlete, longtime bellydancer and now firedancer, and enjoys playing music for performance and fun.

Annie is an avid sports, music, art, and health enthusiast, and earns her living from the activities she loves… hence, “Fiery Fingers” was born.

The term “fiery fingers” refers to the actual heat generated in Annie’s hands during Reiki or bodywork sessions, or while blowing glass or spinning fire. It refers to playing fast music like bluegrass or Middle Eastern belly dance beats. “Fiery” also refers to kundalini yoga and “breath of fire”, as well as being a Fire Dragon, and smudging with burning herbs… so many things! “Fiery Fingers” truly represents the spirit of healing in Annie’s life and work.


About Fiery Fingers image:

The idea for this dynamic image developed over several years. It was inspired by the early gospel tune by Reverend Gary Davis, I am the light of the world (also covered by Jorma Kaukonen and others), which seeded the collaboration of several different ideas:

I got fiery fingers,
I got fiery hands,
And when I get up in Heaven
Gonna join that fiery band.
Just as long as I’m in this world,
I am the light of this world.

These lyrics resonated with Annie on many levels (see “Biography” section), and conjured the image of a human hand emerging from the darkness to embrace the sacred light of the heavens, shining light on the whole world. This represents the divine nature of humanity, as well as both individual and planetary enlightenment. We as humans are seeded from stars, and hold and refract and emanate this divine light as crystals. Hence, we possess a rainbow chakra system of energetic flow, making us faceted spirits of living heavenly light.

This image is essentially Annie’s visual representation of her idea of God, as well as her vision of her own personal divine role on the planet. This is especially fitting since her last name is “Starwasz” (yes, this is a family name… how apropos!).

Annie conceptualized and designed the image, and her visionary friend, Roman Villagrana, brought it to life.

All photos on this site, other than those of Annie herself, are taken by Annie. Many are images of her beautiful daughter, Mary Echo. :)