Belly dance & fire dance:

008_8Annie has loved to dance ever since she was a child, and started belly dancing after her own child was born (see “Biography”). This is appropriate since Middle Eastern dance (Raks Sharqi) is based on fertility ceremony dances designed to strengthen abdominal muscles for childbirth. Annie first began belly dance with Kameal in Corvallis, OR in 1999, practicing with her troupe until she moved to Arcata, CA in 2005. Here, she began dancing with diversely-educated Shoshanna, considered local “queen of belly dance”. In 2008, she also started belly dancing with her good friend, Heather Woodman, a fellow massage therapist, yoga instructor, and fire dragon, of course. Annie joined Heather’s tribal fusion troupe, “Mudra”, with another member, Francene, also spinning fire. Then, in 2010 Annie officially joined Shoshanna’s semi-professional belly dance troupe, “Ya Habibi Dance Company”, now “Ya Habibi Dance Collective” (click Dance! and Dance! and Dance! to watch Ya Habibi performances). The fusion of her love of belly dance, yoga, and years of twirling glass in fire, finally brought Annie to another world of dance: fire dancing. In 2012, she joined another fellow fire dragon, Gypsy Bella, and her fire dance troupe, “Bella Vita Fire Dance Company”. In 2017 and 2018, Annie danced with Laura Ayllon and her belly dance troupe, Sassafras. Currently, Annie performs as a solo artist in and around the Arcata, CA area.

Annie performing with Shoshanna and Ya Habibi.

Annie performing with Shoshanna and Ya Habibi in 2011 .


Annie, Francene, and Heather:  Mudra at “Surf for Peace” fundraiser in Trinidad, CA, 2010.


Annie joins Gypsy Bella and Bella Vita Fire Dance Company 2012.


024_24 Chuck and Annie play “Over the Rainbow.”

Annie is a self-taught musician who enjoys playing guitar and other stringed instruments, as well as hand drums and others. She loves to play music! Whether it is dance/performance oriented or just for fun at a party or mellow event, Annie is available for musical adventure! Annie dances and plays music for fun and performance in and around the Arcata, CA area. She is available for troupe and/or solo performances. Please call Fiery Fingers for scheduling, for more information, or if you just want to rock out and jam.

Annie's daughter, Mary Echo, created costumes for dolls turned real in Ya Habibi's belly dance "Nutcracker" production on her 13th birthday.

Annie’s daughter, Mary Echo, created costumes for dolls turned real, in Ya Habibi’s belly dance production Nutcracker: Arabian Nights, performed on her 13th birthday, 2011.


Barbies come to life in Nutcracker, with the rat queen,  December 2011