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Annie serving as voluntary basketball coach for 3 years at her daughter's elementary school, Coastal Grove  Charter School in Arcata, CA.

Annie coaches basketball for 3 years at her daughter’s elementary school, Coastal Grove Charter School, in Arcata, CA (photo 2010).

Bodywork and energy work descriptions

(in alphabetical order):

Acupressure– the application of pressure on specific points of the body along its 12 main energy meridians, to release energy and stimulate therapeutic effects.

Aromatherapy– the art of utilizing highly concentrated diffused oils from plants and flowers called “essential oils”, for physical and energetic healing.

Baby massage– extremely gentle opening and stretching techniques for babies, can easily be taught to parents.

Craniosacral therapy- technique that balances the central nervous system, utilizing therapeutic holds that regulate the cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and spinal column.

Crystology– form of gemstone therapy utilizing crystals and intention to restore balance to the body and its energy fields.

Deep tissue massage– a type of therapeutic massage that penetrates and manipulates the deepest layers of muscle and fascia.

Hot stone massage- a type of therapeutic massage utilizing smooth heated stones/crystals to rub on the body and/or strategically set in place.

Lomi lomi– a very fluid style of circulatory massage from Hawaii, often incorporating long circular strokes with elbows, forearms, etc.

Lymphatic drain– a type of therapeutic massage that encourages drainage of lymphatic fluid from tissues.

Moxa treatment– also called Moxibustion, a therapeutic technique originating in China that utilizes a burning pressed wand of herbs, traditionally mugwort, to warm and stimulate specific acupressure points (not burn).

Prenatal massage– also called pregnancy massage, a therapeutic (often circulatory) massage beneficial for pregnant mother and fetus.

Polarity therapy– a therapy incorporating skillful application of bodywork techniques that release blocked energy, and balance and harmonize the energies and polarities of the body, promoting health and flow.

Reflexology– a form of acupressure focusing on reflex points on the hands and feet to release blocked energy and balance energy meridians.

Reiki– a form of hands-on energy healing originating in Japan that channels universal life energy or “chi” (qi).

Shiatsu– a Japanese form of acupressure.

Smudging– an energetic clearing technique utilizing a wrapped wand of burning herbs, wood, etc. (often sage, palo santo, and other herbs) to purify or bless people or spaces.

Swedish massage– also called circulatory massage, a type of relaxing full-body therapeutic massage that utilizes different techniques and pressures to break up adhesions and promote circulation (most common type of spa massage).

Herbal services:

Herbal consultations are $60 per hour. Have a cup of tea and discuss the healing possibilities. Please fill out client form in advance.

A variety of personalized remedies are available, including (but not limited to) flower essences, herbal extractives, and topical remedies (see “Herbalism” section).

Yoga classes:

Annie teaches private individual lessons and group kundalini yoga classes in and around Arcata, CA.

Modeling, dance, and music services:

Annie is available for modeling, solo/troupe bellydance and firedance, and acoustic music, in and around Arcata, CA (see “Dance and Music” and “Modeling” sections for more details). Rates vary depending on gig.

Glass art:

Annie’s glass art is sold locally in stores in and around the Arcata, CA area. Special orders are welcome, please call Fiery Fingers directly to place order. Special order cost is priced per individual piece (see “Glass art” section for glass details).

Other Services:

Mediation– Annie has mediated in personal and professional settings in Michigan, Oregon, and California. She has no set rate for this service and is open to negotiation.

Hypnotherapy– Annie attended hypnotherapy school in Oregon and is in practice with this skill. It is available for donation or trade on a limited basis.

Energetic space clearing- Annie will help to clear stagnant/negative energy from your workspace, home, etc. utilizing Reiki, smudging, and intention. $20.

Nutrition/fasting assistance- recommendations, tips, and information obtained over years of studying herbs, raw food, the body, fasting, etc. Please set up herbal consultation.