Annie graduating from Dandelion Herb School in Kneeland, CA 2006.

Annie graduating from Dandelion Herb School in Kneeland, CA 2006.

Education and experience:

Annie is a 2-time graduate of Jane Bothwell’s 10-month herbal studies program and other courses at Dandelion Herb School in Kneeland, CA. She also completed Rosemary Gladstar’s program “The Science and Art of Herbalism.” She has been studying and using herbs and essential oils medicinally for over 2 decades. Annie grows and wildcrafts many of the herbs she utilizes for medicines, thus letting availability and presence be the main sources of inspiration for her creativity. She produces topical liniments, oils, bath salts, and more, as well as internal extractives and flower essences, for a variety of needs and ailments. She also infuses her medicines vibrationally with sunlight (and moonlight), crystals, intention, and love. Annie gives herbal consultations if you are in need or desire of healing and balancing the natural way.

Annie with her daughter graduating from Dandelion Herb School's 10-month program in 2007.

Annie with her daughter graduating from Dandelion Herb School’s 10-month program in 2007.

Annie assists Jane with a beginner's herb class in 2010.

Annie assists Jane with a beginner’s herb class in 2010.

Annie’s massage oil:


Annie enjoys creating many of her own massage oils, incorporating such healing herbs as dandelion, St. John’s Wort, roses, calendula, and more. She begins with cold-pressed organic stable oils such as olive, sesame, or coconut, to name a few. Then she places the oil in direct sunlight in an open glass or ceramic container for an hour or 2 (depending on the intensity of the sunlight), which magically converts the sunlight into vitamin D… sunlight in a bottle! Made in the tradition of Dr. Lindlahr circa 1916, who healed patients solely with sunlight, olive oil, water and air (see Nature Cure by Henry Lindlahr, ND). After infusing with the chosen herbs and flowers, the last step is adding essential oils and crystals for the highest vibrational healing frequency. All oils made with love! and bottled with affirmations and/or color therapy, for optimal healing inside and out.

Annie’s magic water:

136_136In 2010, while getting certified as a kundalini yoga instructor on the big island in Hawaii, Annie was gifted homeopathic drinking water from the miraculous Ganges River in India. This means that some of the healing river water was placed in drinking water, and fresh water continued to be added over time, always maintaining a portion of the Ganges water, though that portion gets proportionately smaller (though more potent) over time… hence, “homeopathic”. (At least 10% of the previous container volume must be remain in the fresh water for half-hour or longer to fully infuse, and this process can be repeated indefinitely.)

Annie also received what is called diamond water, which is pH 9.5 alkaline water that is then infused with diamond vibration and love.  Annie added these two magical waters together and from there continued to add other magic waters over time.  These include water from Hawaii, from Shasta, CA, from Harbin and Orr hot springs in California, water infused with flowers blessed by Amma, water blessed by yogis, water blessed by Hindu priests in a Scorpio full moon ceremony in India, and more.  She also infuses the water with sunlight and color, crystals, flower essences, and essential oils…  a dynamically energetic experience!  She continues to be inspired to add new vibrations to her “magic water”  all the time!  Annie stores her waters in containers labeled with positive affirmations as well (please see Masaru Emoto and his book  The Hidden Messages in Water.)

Please contact Fiery Fingers if you are interested in receiving some free healing water.  Annie also has free kombucha mother cultures available as well. 🙂


Making elderberry syrup.


Infusing sunlight into water.

Infusing sunlight into water (stable oils can also be infused this way to convert to vitamin D: expose in FULL sunlight for hour or so, screen keeps out bugs)

Herbal Consultations:

~For an herbal consultation or personalized flower essences formula, please call Fiery Fingers at 707. 826~7879 to set up an appointment.

~Consultations are $60 per hour, for a complete list of rates see “Rates” page.

~Please fill out client form in advance if possible for herbal consultations (not necessary for flower essences only).

Medical cannabis:


Throughout Annie’s years of studying so many amazingly healing plants, she has come to the wondrous realization that we have access to one of the most powerful, safe, and miraculously healing medicines on the planet: the hemp plant, cannabis. This plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years across numerous cultures, and can also be used for food, clothing, shelter, and fuel. There are innumerable documented testimonials witnessing its ability to heal severely acute and even terminal illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, tumors, MS (multiple sclerosis), and many many more, in an accelerated time-frame. This is due to one of its non-psychoactive components, called CBDs (cannabinoids), which basically causes the pineal gland to produce melatonin levels thousands of times higher than normal in the body, which does not harm the body but creates a healthy alkaline environment and detoxifies it, and eradicates disease immediately. The health of one’s body is contingent upon melatonin and a healthy pineal gland (called the “master gland” because it controls the hormonal system of the body). Also, a concentrated dose of cannabis contains more than 10,000Xs the amount of anti-oxidants than a pound of blueberries… amazing healing power! Annihilates free radicals nearly instantly.

One of today’s top advocates of medical cannabis is Rick Simpson, who creates a high CBD concentrated oil utilizing whole plant extraction. This oil is put into capsules which he calls Phoenix Tears, to treat patients (medicine is made in Phoenix, AR, and also the phoenix is a mythical bird which rises from its own ashes symbolizing rebirth… appropriate for those who are given a whole new life through this miracle medicine! Annie also resonates with this on a personal level as the phoenix is also the highest Scorpio totem, fitting to the “fiery” theme in her life!) Rick states, “From my experience, all forms of disease and conditions are treatable and often curable with the use of high-grade hemp oil as a treatment”. Many have even called it “the fountain of youth” because of its reverse- and anti-aging effects, to which Rick replies, “From my own experiences with the oil, I believe this to be true… what other medicine works on everything and in many cases can cure thought-to-be incurable conditions? What else can heal diabetic ulcers, skin cancers, or heal 3rd degree burns in no time leaving no scars?”

After her personal experiences of losing her mother to cancer, her father to heart disease, and numerous loved ones to other terminal illnesses, Annie feels divinely inspired by this sacred miracle plant and its potential to heal the world. She believes her own parents helped lead her from the other side, to the Mecca of this medicine in Humboldt County, CA (coincidence that her mother, Mary, led her to “maryjane”?!). It is her great joy and spiritual task to assist in spreading awareness, helping to override the herb’s false derogatory reputation and the propaganda which demonize it. Lives can be saved! So can the planet. Besides Phoenix Tears, cannabis can be used medicinally in so many ways: the fresh leaves can be eaten or juiced and used for health and as a cancer cure, the seeds can be eaten and are a complete protein, flowers can be smoked, vaporized, or ingested for anti-anxiety or digestive purposes and more, aerial parts can be used to make pain-alleviating topical massage oil, the list goes on and on. Currently, there are many forms of concentrates available, including edible, smokable, vapable, live extractions, and many more. Annie encourages you to learn the truth for yourself or a loved one who may be in unnecessary pain, and to help “spread the seeds” of awareness yourself, so one day, this great plant may be fully decriminalized and revered by the whole planet for healing and spiritual awakening.

Currently 33 US states, the District of Columbia, and 4 (out of 5)  permanently inhabited US territories approve and regulate cannabis to certain degrees for medicinal purposes, including recreational legalization in 11 states. 14 other states incorporate more restrictive laws limiting THC content, allowing access to products rich in CBD (i.e. cannabidiol,  a non-psychoactive component of cannabis). To learn more about medical cannabis and its many uses, please read the classic book written in 1985 by Jack Herer, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Also, view the May 9, 2014 recording of “Democracy Now!” with Amy Goodman, documenting personal testimonies of families treating and healing their children of epileptic seizures and other severe disorders, with cannabis.

Annie attended the local Medicinal Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA in April 2015 for professionals in healing arts and also lay people, learning growing and medicine making techniques for cannabis, usages, studying clinical cases, and learning treatment plans and dosage schedules for healing.

Annie’s daily “wonderful woman” power smoothie… delicious! 🙂IMG957063

(All organic/ local/ wild/ raw/ sprouted, if possible)

~Fresh-squeezed fruit/ veggie juice and/or

~Home-brewed kombucha and/ or

~Sun tea

~Fresh herbs (lemonbalm, mint, etc.)

~Fresh greens (spinach, kale, etc.)

~Fresh/ frozen bananas and/or other fruits

~Fresh/ frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.)

~Raw cacao (powder and/ or nibs, I add both for smoothness and crunch)

~Maca root powder

~MSM powder

~Ground cinnamon powder

~Fresh ginger root (or dried powder)

~Diatomaceous earth

~Living silica

~Psyllium husks

~Chia seeds

~Hemp seeds

~Gogi berries

~Aloe vera juice

~Flax oil

~Coconut oil



~Good quality superfood/ protein powder blend

~Herbal extractives (i.e. de-stress formulas, adrenal support, etc.)

~Flower essences

~Bee pollen


~Honey (preferably containing royal jelly, pollen, propolis, and ginseng)

~Agave nectar


~Vibrationalized water (see “magic water” above)

Try it yourself! Blend and enjoy.

(*Tip!  Not all of these ingredients are necessary, just use the ones that you have or are desired. One time-saving method is to mix all of the powders proportionately as logical, into a bigger container for one easy scoop. 🙂

Annie’s “good morning!”  flush tonic (not as delicious, but good! at least for you 🙂

~Vibrationalized water

~Fresh lemon or lime juice

~Apple cider vinegar



~Pinch of cayenne

~Pinch of crystal salt

Stir & chug immediately! Will get your juices flowing. Alkalizes, cleanses, nourishes, and heals.