191_191116_116Bodywork/ energy healing:

60 minute session: $60, sliding scale rate $50.

90 minute session: $80, sliding scale rate $75.
120 minute session: $100, sliding scale rate $90.
75 minute hot stone massage: $100.
*House calls add $25.
**Gift certificates available.
Energetic space clearing: $20.

Herbal healing:

Consultations: $20/ each half-hour.
Initial consultation (half-hour): $20.
Herbal extractives: $5/ounce + $1/container, or supply your own. :)
Flower essences: $10 (includes divining + 1 ounce bottle).
Magic water: free.
Kombucha mother cultures: free.

Kundalini yoga lessons:

Individual private lesson: $30.
Private class: $5- $10 donation per person, however $30 class minimum.
*Sessions usually 60- 75 minutes.
**Add $10 for house calls.

Belly dance/ fire dance/ acoustic music/ modeling:

Priced per gig.
*Troupe/solo dancing available.
**Fashion and art modeling available.

Handblown glass art:

Priced per piece.

Other services:

Mediation: negotiable rate.
Hypnotherapy: available for donation or barter.


Please call Fiery Fingers to set up an appointment or to place an order: